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Love Thine Enemy : Michael Pakenham

Love Thine Enemy

It’s 2010. Belfast seems quiet, but unrest is simmering beneath the tranquil surface. Several dissident republican movements are harbouring resentment since the IRAs disarmament and the most dangerous is a group calling themselves Freedom for Ireland. The British Prime Minister is worried that the fragile peace accord could be shattered if unrest is allowed to burgeon and calls in his top security advisors.

A covert operation is set in place, three members of the SAS are recruited and after ten months of blending into the Belfast community, they are activated.

James Fitzpatrick, grandson of a murdered RUC Chief Constable, chooses the wrong time for a holiday in Ireland. Freedom for Ireland waste no time seizing a valuable bargaining tool and kidnap the young man without a hitch, negotiations for terms of his release begin. But one of the kidnappers has a change of heart seeing the brutal and sadistic treatment of James.

Unexpected events lead to a cocktail of mixed emotions and loyalties that explode in an unforseen bloodbath.

Written by Michael Pakenham.
Published by Author House (14 July 2014)

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