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The Bitter Web : Michael Pakenham

The Bitter Web

William Phillipson, good-looking, intelligent, the heir to a large estate and an income of a trust fund of over a million pounds, has a fatal flaw. He causes pain to everyone who comes into contact with him, and this intensifies to catastrophic proportions when at the age of 50 he becomes obsessed with a beautiful American.

Long suffering wife Linda, and friend Richard, can only watch helplessly as William throws away his money, his estate and finally, his beautiful family home, Peverill, to his ill fated passion. All are drawn into a maelstrom of self-destruction, as this tragic story moves towards its inevitable end.

Rich villas of the Cote d’Azur, the gentle English countryside, and tough downtown Phoenix Arizona are the background of this searing novel.

Published by The Book Guild Ltd

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