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The Judas Son

Michael Pakenham’s best selling novel.

In 1992 Sir Richard Hanmore the Government’s Secretary Of State for Northern Ireland, is forced to retire. The enormity of his task trying to find peace in Northern Ireland has destroyed his health and his family.

All his life it has been his obsession to broker peace in the province where he was born. As Sir Richard recovers from a massive heart attack, and a fatal confrontation with his son, he is persuaded by the Prime Minister to have one last try for peace. Against the wishes of his wife and the Special Branch he sets out to fulfil his dream convinced it is the only way he can come to terms with his loss.

Political intrigue, raw emotions, betrayal and love combine to illustrate how many lives in the province and the mainland are affected by this cruel and seemingly unstoppable civil war.

Written by Michael Pakenham.
Published by Xlibris Corporation LLC (1 April 2001)

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Michael Pakenham