Introducing 'Fatal Obsession' - The first of a series of thrillers, featuring DCI Daniel Appleman

The Telephone Call

Release date : 31 January 2020 // When Rosemary Sherwood overhears a disturbing conversation between her husband, Harry Sherwood and an unknown caller, she has no idea that her life’s about to change forever. Fleeing to France for fear of her own safety, Harry threatens to kill their son if she ever dares to breathe a word of anything she overheard.

Torn between hiding out in France and reconnecting with her estranged son, Rosemary returns to England twelve years later, believing that she and her son are now out of danger…

A web of deceit and lies has been over over the years to cover up the antics of Harry and his friends, who are no strangers to violence and murder – and who will stop at nothing to ensure they aren’t exposed.

Private Detective Daniel Appleman takes on the case, but can he track down these men before they wreak havoc on the Sherwood family?

A ‘DCI Daniel Appleman’ Thriller

Written by Michael Pakenham
Published by The Book Guild LLC (31 January 2020)

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