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The Walnut Tree : Michael Pakenham

The Walnut Tree

Jill Foster has a secret, which she manages to keep for twenty-five years, until the death of her husband, Tim, threatens to open a can of worms and destroy her family.

Lord Harry Sidenham, her one-time lover, re-enters her life with tragic consequences. Jill’s eldest daughter, Emma, is drawn into Lord Harry’s web and pays a terrible price. Toria, her youngest daughter, is brutally raped by Harry and suffers long-lasting psychological damage that changes her life. Revengeful for the damage Harry has deliberately inflicted on her, Jill is forced into a criminal decision. Max, her father-in-law, who has seen her through every crisis in her life, does his best to steer her away from such a dangerous course.

How Jill copes with the danger of revelation, the dark shadows of the past, and the devastating effect this has on her family presents a gripping challenge. Jill is determined to win, at any price.

Written by Michael Pakenham.
Published by PublishAmerica (17 April 2006)

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