Introducing 'Fatal Obsession' - The first of a series of thrillers, featuring DCI Daniel Appleman

The Telephone Call

Release date : 31 January 2020 // When Rosemary Sherwood overhears a disturbing conversation between her husband, Harry Sherwood and an unknown caller, she has…

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Fatal Obsession : Michael Pakenham

Fatal Obsession

Docker's son, Jack Carpenter, has come a long way since he was born in the East End of London. Now, according to The Times rich…

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Love Thine Enemy : Michael Pakenham

Love Thine Enemy

It's 2010. Belfast seems quiet, but unrest is simmering beneath the tranquil surface. Several dissident republican movements are harbouring resentment since the IRAs disarmament and…

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The Luncheon Club : Michael Pakenham

The Luncheon Club

Five women from different walks of life are all members of a Hampshire squash club. Over a period of time they become close friends and…

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The Walnut Tree : Michael Pakenham

The Walnut Tree

Jill Foster has a secret, which she manages to keep for twenty-five years, until the death of her husband, Tim, threatens to open a can…

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The Judas Son

Michael Pakenham's best selling novel. In 1992 Sir Richard Hanmore the Government's Secretary Of State for Northern Ireland, is forced to retire. The enormity of…

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The Polish Exile : Michael Pakenham

The Polish Exile

The Polish Exile is the moving biography of Albert Mieszkowski, a landed aristocrat, whose large estate in the east of Poland was threatened by the…

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The Bitter Web : Michael Pakenham

The Bitter Web

William Phillipson, good-looking, intelligent, the heir to a large estate and an income of a trust fund of over a million pounds, has a fatal…

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